The 'toughest' in R series.

The 57CR, 57DR, and 57XR have been used not only in drifting competitions, but also in all genres of sports, including D1GP and FORMULA DRIFT. And then now the new "R" series has arrived.
The name is 57NR, and the traditional 10 spokes design of RAYS, have excellent stress dispersion and firmly receive the information from the road surface. A new "C-FORM" design is provided between the spokes to increase rigidity. This allows the spokes to maintain a perfect circle even when strong forces are applied. In addition, the strength of the inner rim has been dramatically improved by "H.S.PLUS" (High Strength Technology) newly developed by RAYS. This wheel maximizes the power of the machine and the grip of the tire to obtain powerful traction.
The 57NR is designed to be the "strongest" wheel in the R series, with flawless design and performance.